12 Diy Loft Bed With Desk To Fall In Love With

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Diy loft bed with desk – There is nothing more romantic than decorating a marriage room, nor anything so complicated. When it comes to decoration, you have to take into account that two people with different tastes and personalities will inhabit it, with all that that entails. Taking this point into account is key. Comfort is essential in a shared area, where no one should overwhelm the space of the other. The place that we have or that we can generate is also fundamental.

The choice of a romantic, rustic or modern double bedroom, depending on whether it has large windows or a view of a garden, if it is spacious enough to incorporate a living or small where we must juggle the decoration to simulate spaciousness or generate storage spaces, everything it is a priority to have in our head before designing a style. The window doors occupy the full extent of this double bedroom . The light spreads across the white diy loft bed with desk and hanging lamp. This area is bordered by the carpet that gives way to the living room.

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The chaise longue against the window, a small coffee table, a table to use as a desk, reading or simply to eat, with its two wooden chairs. A very welcoming space. The huge mural in pastel tones, wall to wall, is the characteristic to highlight in this diy loft bed with desk. It also acts as a headboard for the bed. Almost faced, a large frame mirror, is hidden in the wall until assimilated to it. The double height bedside tables with glass surface create visual space in a small bedroom. The double stools with the same upholstery of the sommier and the bedspread, fold up to become pufs . The pearly gray subdues the atmosphere, with blue, black and pink notes.