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IKEA stora loft bed – We could say that the staircase and the loft are 2 inseparable and complementary spaces. The design of a good staircase will depend on the quality of use that our attic will have. It is very important that it is comfortable and safe, but at the same time be aware of the impact it will have on the space of the house. If you choose a ladder with tilt it is advisable to place it next to the wall, this way you do not interfere the circulation in the lower part. A good idea is to place a piece of furniture under the top of the staircase, so you’ll be saving “rungs” and you’ll have a less long staircase.

Remember that from the inclination and height of your steps (counter-footprint) depends on the comfort and safety of the ladder. You can include a handrail both in the open space (especially if there are children or very drunk adults) or on the wall. Another highly recommended alternative to make the most of your ikea stora loft bed space is to design a staircase that is still furniture in the lower part. And if you want to go further you can build a staircase-furniture with wheels, thus gain more space and you can give greater versatility to the furniture you designed.

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The most extreme case would be to design a ladder type marine that is to say with a high degree of inclination, arriving even up to 90 degrees. This type of ladder is not recommended for the use of small children as it could be a bit dangerous, although perhaps an opportunity to develop motor skills. It’s up to you! Remember that when designing and building an ikea stora loft bed usually these will have low heights and sometimes inclined ceilings, so that the loft without a window can become a somewhat claustrophobic space.

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