Awesome Svarta Loft Bed

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Svarta loft bed adds space in small dormitories or student residences. In fact, it can work as a desk or closet. This is a great choice for small children or college students. The high bed even allows to gain space and room for storage. Build a box with 2 by 6 by 8 boards. Make sure the box is large enough to hold the mattress; your box should be a little bigger. The standard single bed, the long side should measure 76 inches, while the shorter side should measure 36 inches. Lay the box down and place the longer pieces so that they overlap the shorter pieces. Screw them together using 3-inch screws.

Cover the box with thick plywood. Cut the appropriate size into the carton and secure at two-foot intervals with 1 5/8 inch screws. Sand in rough places until smooth. Your mattress svarta loft bed will rest on top of the box. Turn the box over and check if the mattress fits. Support the posts on the ground and draw a line through the four. This is done to indicate where the bottom of your box will be located. Leave enough space (at least 3 feet) between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. Perforations through each post and also in the corresponding points of the box, but in this one to half depth, without reaching the other side.

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Adjust the posts to the box using the wood screws. First, put the ones that are going against the wall. Then, lift the box. Make sure someone helps you by holding the box while you screw the last two posts. Use the finished boards to hold the headboard and foot board. Place them step wise on the posts, inside and out and thus have room for a recessed staircase. Separate them sufficiently so that you can pass a long table against the wall under the svarta loft bed. If you want, measure the right height to put a desk. Install a light on the wall. There will be enough space for a small office chair.