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Benefits Choose Dorm Loft Bed – If you live in a dorm then you know how precious any extra room can be. What if I told you that there is a simple way to free up to 50% extra space in your dorm bedroom? All this requires is replacing your current bed with a dorm loft bed. Visualize a normal loft bed and then take away the bed at the bottom, this is what a dorm loft bed looks like. Everybody wants a certain amount of privacy in their lives. If you live at small dorm room or apartment with a few other people, this can be very difficult to come by. In this type of situation you want to make the only room that is truly yours as functional as possible. However, there usually is not a whole lot of room to work with.

A dorm loft bed allows you to create enough space where you can have a bed, a computer desk, and a TV stand with enough extra room so you do not go crazy from being too cramped. This is particularly useful for college students who need a quiet space to do their work. If your computer is located in a common area it can be virtually impossible to get any work done. When you put a computer desk under your loft bunk, you are creating an ideal workspace necessary for getting your assignments completed.

If your room is already big enough for a computer desk and your bed, then you might consider using the futon dorm loft bed. With this type of design the lower bed can be adjusted up and down to become a couch during the day. This is ideal for just hanging out, watching TV, or playing video games. This simple bed will transform your room from one that was only good for sleeping in, to a place where you can truly relax.