Build Wood Loft Bed With Desk

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Wood loft bed with desk – If your bedroom space is limited and you want an innovative way to fit both a bed and a desk, a desk or cot can be the ideal solution. College students living in crowded dorms have long mounted their beds on DIY columns and support. While building your own cot is a moderately simple project, be sure to follow basic procedures carefully to ensure robust construction. Take into consideration the room where you will build the bed. You will probably want to allow about three feet of space between the bed and the ceiling. All harder and you may find it uncomfortable to get in and out of bed. If the ceiling is less than 8 meters, you might want to rethink building a desk or cot in this room. You can consider a lower variety of drawers under the bed, and place the desk elsewhere. If the ceiling is at least 8 meters, you can expect plenty of space above the bed.

Measure a generous space of about 80 by 40 inches, where you can put the bed. Do not forget any windows or doors interfere with this space. You may actually want a window above or below the bed, but in that case is sure it will fit to suit you. Make sure the mattress you are using is a twin measuring about 38 x 76 inches. Although it is possible to build a ceiling for different sizes of mattresses, you must adjust the instructions accordingly.

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Double-wrap the lengths of all boards and the number of screws and bolts. Continue to “measure twice and cut once” throughout the project. Cut 2×6 boards to form the sides of the “box” your mattress will put on. Cut two boards to measure 78 inches and two more to measure 37 inches. Fit the four sides of the box. Let the long pieces of patches shorter so your box measures 40×78 inches. Attach the four 2×6 boards at their corners with 12 3-inch or screws. Place the plywood on top of the box. Make sure it is tight. Use twelve 1-5 or 8 inch or screws to attach plywood to the box. Space them evenly around the perimeter.