Building Full Sized Loft Bed

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Full sized loft bed is big enough for some couples, but it may feel a bit too small for your needs. King size beds have the same length, but increase the width by 16 inches. Because the king mattresses do not fit bed frames intended for queen beds, you usually have to buy a new frame and install the frame on the existing main body and / or footstool. Extender rails work with your existing bed, but increase its overall size.


Measure the width of the full sized loft bed. Transfer the measurements to your existing bedside table, which marks the distance across the bedside table. Measure the distance between the holes on the new extender rails and mark the distance on the bedspread. Drill four holes about 1/2 inch into the gable, place the holes on top of your brands. Depending on the manufacturer, the rails should have 4:57 holes for the bolts. Move to the opposite end of the bed and drill matching holes.

Insert a bolt through each hole. Screw the bolt through extended rail and through the full sized loft bed. Cover the back of the screw with a locking tray and wing nut; screw each piece on the bolt. Repeat the process; attach extender rails on each side of the bedside. Lift the end of the extended rail and press flat against the foot plate. Drill small holes through each hole in the rail until the hole reaches the footsteps. Stop when the drill barely reaches footsteps. Do not drill through the front.

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Screw 4:57 screw into the extension rail. Attach a single screw to each hole, just as you did with the bolts on the bedside. Move to the other end of the footplate and attach the opposite extender Kennan. The extender rails increase the space, making the bed fit a full sized loft bed. Slide my rail between the extender rails. Move the smaller rail until it snaps into place. Adjust the piece on the second bed rail; slide it into the hole in the middle of the rail. The center play adds support for your box spring and mattress.