Building Loft Bed Futon

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Loft bed futon – Instead, you can spend a couple of hours on a weekend building a stylish, modern frame on your own. If building this dual frame for a child, this project is simple enough to engage late elementary age and older children, giving them an increased sense of participation while teaching basic joinery skills. Loft bed futon lack the rigid interior structure of a traditional western mattress. This means that your futon frame must be more than just a rectangular frame of rails. You will also need to allow the underside of the mattress to breathe. Without airflow, mold and mold come in like on the underside of your futon. Set an afternoon for this basic, low-lying futon bed frame – a project suitable for beginners and intermediate do-it-yourself.


Cut all wood to specified dimensions using a chainsaw. Sand all surfaces with coarse sandpaper. Lay the beams on their 2-inch wide edges, parallel to each other with their ends line. Space them so their outer edges are 40 inches apart. Set a strip so that its edge is aligned with the ends of both beams, its ends aligned with the edges of the beams. Screw it in place with a wooden screw for each beam. Place the next strip about 1 inch from the first strip and screw in loft bed futon. Use another trailer as a spacer to ensure even and straight placement of your new strap. Repeat step four until you have mounted all the strips.

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Tips and warnings

This frame is designed for a loft bed futon. For a full-size, buy trellises that are 55 inches long, and space the beams 55 inches apart. Although most futon mattresses are out of order, you can add color if you want. You will find it easier to paint your work before mounting than painting the finished frame.