Building Loft Bed With Dresser

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Loft bed with dresser helps below provide a bottom frame under your bed, as well as a chest of drawers or just a little extra storage space. Building it yourself is much cheaper than buying one and allows you to be creative because you choose a color, wood and pattern for the dresser.


Make sure you have the measurements or mattress you will be able to determine about the loft bed with dresser. The base board will need to be about one and a half bigger than the mattress so the dresser are easily accessible and. Get the box boxes first. These can be borrowed from another piece of furniture, or you can do them yourself using four pieces of wooden tiles for each box, along with a large bunker. The two side pieces will be a bit longer than the front and back of the box. You can screw or glue these pieces together, but with screws will provide more stability. For a queen or king bed, use six boxes: three on each side.

Start constructing the base of the loft bed with dresser will slide in. This will be the wooden frame that will support the mattress. Use bed pegs if you want to create more space under your bed for larger dresser. Measure this space, and then move the bed to the side so that you can fix the frame. Use four thick, solid pieces of wood for the frame. Make sure these are higher when the dresser so the dresser slide in and out easily. Screw these four pieces together, and then use another thick sturdy piece to cross the center of the frame.

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Make smaller cross-sections of wood planks, about half as large on undersized pieces, to cross the inside of the frame. This will be the part that supports the boxes. Certainly a long bit in the center of the frame; so that it’s sturdy mine creates a cross-like shape. Secure it a little bit in the opposite direction to the bottom, and a strong play in the same way at the top. It will look like a tic-tac-toe on board. Secure these to each other with a screwdriver or screwdriver.