Building Loft Beds With Desks

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Loft beds with desks – Many people live in small spaces and you may need to be creative in designing your living space in such a way that you can accommodate all your activities. It’s usually necessary to have a desk, for school work, sewing or working on a hobby. If you have a small space like water? Do not let you put both your bed and the desk on the floor; build a cot with a desk below and you’ll have plenty of space. When you’re done building, you’ll have a piece that is about 4 meters wide x 7 meters tall x 6 meters high. Throw a single mattress on the ceiling and pull a chair up to the apartment desk that you can use as a writing surface or to turn on the computer.


Measure and cut the work. To make the desktop you need two 2 x 8 timber, each about 48 inches long; and a piece of high quality half-inch plywood cut 75 inches long and 25 inches deep. Build ceilings first. Your loft beds with desks will be about 5 meters from the floor. On the opposite side of each post, select locations for boreholes below the lines you drew. Place your boreholes on a diagonal pattern and mark them so that they will go through 4×4 and 2×8 sidebreens and you can drive a bolt through both pieces of wood with space to attach washers and nuts.

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Drill your holes and fasten your side rails with backing bolts, washers and nuts. Attach your head and foot boards. Mark borehole (diagonal pattern) on the adjacent side of 4 x 4, above the side boards 2 x 8. Attach the boards with backing bolts, washers and nuts. You have just built the frame for your loft beds with desks. Stand the bed on your legs and put 39 x 75 inches of plywood all over the frame. Attached with a wooden screw for safety.  Build the loft beds with desks. Use LAG bolts, washers and nuts to attach the support to legs. Lay your premium plywood over 2 x 8 supports under the bed. Attached with wooden screw to add stability.