Corner Full Size Wood Loft Bed

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Full size wood loft bed – A cot provides more storage space and an elevated sleeping platform. It is a project with only a few complicated details. Anyone with a little knowledge and the right tools can change an entire room in an afternoon.


Find your location for full size wood loft bed. You will need a corner that is clear four feet in one direction and eight feet in another. You will need to find at least three studs in each wall for the bed to attach. Mark these studs of course in the wall and paint them later. You will need to see them easily. Determine how much you want the bed to be, and draw a line all the way around the corner of that level, making it true, or flat, with your level. Attach them to the corners with a wooden screw, forming a box frame. Then cut small triangles out of 1x6s and use these to reinforce the corners by attaching them to the undersides.

Build your ladder. The ladder will stand at the end of the full size wood loft bed and be the support that holds it up in the free corner. One of these will rest on the corner with 1×6 struts, and the other will apply directly to the bed frame. Use 2x4s, build ladders and attach them to the two steps of the ladder. The easiest way to do this is on one side of the ladder, with vertical ladders, but you can do by drilling screws through 2x4s on the sides, making flat, wider, safer ladders.

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Attach the bed to the wall. With your partner support full size wood loft bed frame, place it against the line marked on the wall. Using a screwdriver, attach the frame to some safety rules. Then go from one side of the corner to the other, and make sure to secure the bed completely in the rules. Make sure your partner continues to support the weight of the bed. The bed should now be self-supporting. While your partner continues to stabilize the bed, climb the ladder and drill two holes through the bed frame in the stairs of the ladder. Insert the two 6-inch screws into these holes to secure the bed to the ladder.