Diy Loft Platform Bed To Save Money

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Loft platform bed – You do not know the inventions that can be done to get an extra bed without taking up much space. Well known by all are the trundle beds (who has not had one in their youth room?) but there are many other options. A very good idea is to lift some of the floor to accommodate under the bed, so the entire surface of the room is useful and only takes up space at bedtime. Another super comfortable option is to place the bed on the roof, in this way we take full advantage of the entire space of the room, because we neither lose surface nor storage space.

We have talked about beds made with pallets on many occasions, but … what about the original berths? We have the wrong concept that loft platform bed only serves children’s rooms, but the reality is quite different. This method of stacked beds allow us to save a lot of space and are an ideal alternative also for the guest rooms, the second residences or even in the double room. Many couples have another room prepared for those cases in which one of the two is sick and the other does not want to fall also when sharing sheets and pillow.

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Today we show you several ideas of original loft platform bed made with pallets. Due to the dimensions of this furniture and the added danger of having part of the composition on the body of those who will sleep down, it is essential that we reinforce the pieces well and in case of doubt, go to a professional. To save money, you can get the material for yourself, design it and simply hire it for assembly. Choose the lightest colors for children’s rooms, young people or for the sweetest and romantic environments and opt for the color wood if your house is near the countryside or if you like the rustic atmosphere.