DIY Rustic Loft Bed

Dec 4th

A loft bed is an easy way to add space in a small bedroom. This bed can provide additional storage, a bench, a small reading area or even a desk. Creating a loft bed with a rustic style can add flair to a themed room like a beach room, a Western theme or a cultural theme such as Native American or Mexican decorating styles. Materials for a rustic loft bed. Before buying any material, take measurements from the room. Consider whether or not you want your bed to accommodate another underneath, or just storage tubes. That will tell you the additional material you will need to buy.

Wood Rustic Loft Bed
Wood Rustic Loft Bed

When picking materials for your bed, consider using medium-sized logs with the bark removed instead of 4 by 4 standard stakes. Of course, the stakes may be small or large depending on personal preference. If you are not interested in using the stakes to complete your rustic look, you may also consider using an aging technique on wood. There are also small touches that you can add, such as large or heavy bolts, padding tacks or other item-specific items. Building a rustic loft bed. When constructing the frame, you should leave at least 2.5 cm from all sides so that the mattress fits perfectly in the frame.

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Nails can bend, break or move in the wood all the time, but all can be dangerous when the bed is being used. The logs can be attached to the bottom framing and secured in place using large bolts or pins. Large logs will provide better support for the pallet adding a general rustic appeal to the furniture. If your rustic loft bed is for an older child or for an adult, you may also want to secure the bed facing the wall. You can use cables to ensure that the bed studs face the wall, offering additional support and security.