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Girls Loft Bed With Slide – Loft beds are becoming more and more popular lately. College students living in dorms are using them to maximize their limited space. Young professionals renting small apartments also prefer loft beds for the same purpose. But do you know that you can also use them for your girls bedroom? It is great for your girls especially if he is sharing the room with her siblings.

You might think that a loft bed is not safe for young kids because of its height. If this is your concern there are two important things that you must know. The first is that you could put safety bars or railings along the sides of the bed. This will prevent kids from falling off. The second is that there are low loft beds that you can purchase. They can be made more fun for kids. You can get girls loft bed with slide for example. Kids will love this because it will give them a faster time going down. It is also like having his own playground right inside his bedroom. You can also design the bed such that it will be appealing to them. You can paint the bed frame with the stuff that your girls love like mini mouse, frozen and Barbie. You can also convert the space below into a small play pen or a study area. You can put cabinets there for their toys. You can also add a study table and a lamp so they can have their own place to study in.

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Some of you might be concerned about the practicality of buying girls loft bed with slide. You might think that it will be of no use when they grow old. The idea here is to buy a regular sized loft bed so even if they grow taller and bigger they can still use it. The other stuffs for kids can be easily removed if they no longer want them. You can repaint them to remove the cartoon characters you painted. You can also convert the play area into an entertainment area where they can watch TV or listen to their favorite music.

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