Good Quality King Loft Bed

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King loft bed are a fun and space saving option for small rooms, and a bed quality bed can last your children from their early childhood through college if you know what to look for when you buy it. The key to choosing a bunk bed that will last is to choose a safe and durable bed that can meet all your children’s needs now and in the coming years.


High quality king loft bed are made of genuine wood or metal, or a combination of both. Avoid cheaper bunk beds made with particleboard. If you choose to buy a bed wood bunk bed, hardwoods are more durable than conifers, which can be split over time, so look for a bunk bed in birch, cedar or maple.


For a king loft bed to be safe and durable, it must be robust and well-designed. If possible, check the mounted bunk bed in the store before buying; shaking a bunk bed is the easiest way to determine if it’s robust. Before buying, make sure the bed is easy to install; fitting a bed complicated floor improperly can compromise its structural integrity.

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To make sure your children are kept safe, do not buy a king loft bed with sharp or protruding edges, and make sure all the wood on your bed is ready. Make sure you buy a bunk bed with the bed to protect your child from rolling out. In the oversweet, bedside should extend at least 5 inches above the mattress to ensure safety. Also, be sure to measure your space before buying a bunk: There should be at least 2 feet of space above the bed, or your child can hit the head in the ceiling.


If your child grows out of his king loft bed, it does not matter how durable or robust it is. If you plan to use your bunk bed for many years to come, consider an extra long double bed, rather than a regular twin. Check the weight limit on the British as well as ensure that it supports adults and children.