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Bunk bed loft with desk – It is a fact that, in fact, nobody knows for sure what its origin is. Nor has anyone attributed its creation. That yes: you cannot deny fact that litter or bunk has been around for many years. One way or another, it has occupied bedrooms and memories of parents and children generation after generation. Litera or bunk, this type of bed, memory of childhood or adventure, brings together boys and big and surely has witnessed great moments. What is origin of litter? Surely at some point in your life you slept on a bunk, whether at a friend’s house, at a camp or at a hostel.

At present, litter can present different bunk bed loft with desk designs. There are a variety of models with different colors and materials. Some are conventional, minimalist in style or have an extravagant shape. They can be designed in square or traditional way: one on top of another. A century ago, modern and most popular model consisted of two beds, one on top of other, whose shapes and size were similar. This type of proposal focused more on functional and was a great complement for small spaces. On ships, for example, they were in one of first places where they were used. That way cabin looked a little broad and was more comfortable.

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Convenient and functional, it can also be coupled to a motor home and is perfect when not much space is available. But … did you ever wonder what its origin was? While it is almost impossible to trace where they come from, it seems that we can thank ancient Egyptians. In this civilization were found some ideas and concept, that later, would be known like a litter.¬† Although there is no evidence to confirm this, experts say that beds used by Egyptians, although they looked drastically different from modern bunk bed loft with desk, had certain characteristics in common.