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King size loft bed with stairs – It is good that children from an early age develop study habits in an area specially designed for it. This will allow them to have a better adaptation to the work and university routine in the future. In this case, two beds are observed in the same room and one of them is strategically placed in the upper part of the room, so that the remaining space below was used to create a study station with its respective desk, chair, and lamp. On the other hand, the remaining space on the left side was cleverly used to incorporate a shelf and closet. Truly very convenient!

Your child adores his cousin and asks him every week to let him sleep in the house, obviously they want to play a lot and sleep in the same room but you do not have enough space. Well this is the solution for you! An extra king size loft bed with stairs for any possible guest is never too much; in fact it is very convenient. This model is very practical, functional and could go unnoticed. The best thing is that it includes enough space for the closet, plus a library on the side. This model really maximizes the space of the room, while remaining cozy.

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King size loft bed with stairs or ceiling bed is an excellent strategy for any type of room, even for those whose roof is not very high. In this case, you can take advantage of their benefits in the room of the small of the house; so you can guarantee that (despite having a small room) under the bed will have its own play area, with a blackboard, a place to keep the lay and more space to run or play the carts / barbies. This is ideal to motivate your learning, your sense of belonging, responsibility and order.