How To Build Low Loft Bed

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Low loft bed – A separate loft bed is not just a dream about most children after all, a loft is not only an excellent pirate ship or an adventurous climbing castle but actually also a comfortable place to sleep. In addition, it provides plenty of additional space that can be used to play or as a storage space. The funniest part is a simple loft bed can be relatively easily and cheaply even built. The ceiling bed described in this manual is relatively simple in its construction and for the normal 1×2 m mattress it determines it stands at 4 positions stabilized by cross beams and has a bed railing of round wood. The leader is located in the center of the front first define in 4 bedpost and conductor post inside and outside sides and front and back emphasize in this respect a pencil This step is crucial not to lose sight when drilling holes.

Start with the holes later, insert the rods into where the railing of the low loft bed makes drilling do this with a 30mm drill 20mm deep holes in the inside of the bed stool, on the outside of the leading positions, and in two opposite sides of additional position. The distance from the top of positions to the first hole and the distance between the holes should always be exactly 6 cm.

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Posts and cross bars are joined by using Pierce for the first bed and main post from the front or back of the center and the whole with a 9 mm drill. The distance from the top edge of this time is 60 cm. They are the holes for the long bar. Thus, piercing bedpost at 70 cm distance from the upper edge and at 20 cm distance from the lower edge of the holes is also central but bored from the outside now have holes for short cross bar of high bed. Pierce the long and short pointer according to the position at all connection points. Build low loft bed yourself so succeed.