How To Build Mid Loft Bed

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Mid loft bed – Constructing a bedroom in a loft in the attic or garage can expand a residential living space. If an adult child returns to the nest or in-law moves, it’s a good way to use space to create personal information. Since the roof, the walls and the floor are already in place, it can be cheaper than adding an extension to the house and since the ceiling area is attached you can work with a more flexible schedule. Be sure to get a building permit before starting any actual work. Build a staircase access to the loft bedroom. Use 2 at 12 board strings to form the sawmill sides that each stairway has. Use 2 of 8 boards for each step flat surface. Hire an electrician to redirect wires from the box breaker to accommodate new outlets and lighting fixtures. Plan the heat or air routing for duct systems and ventilation ducts. Have a plumber install water pipes and drains that bind into existing plumbing for a small bathroom.

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Nail down particle board or plywood sub floor for the floor space you want to attach to the ceiling. Use 2 of 4 timbers to hit the actual mid loft bed and bath area. Use 4-inch stainless steel nails to hold the framing in place. Spread all the frames in floor and ceiling areas with 4-inch stainless screws. Frame a closet and cubbyholes for storage with 2 out of 4 boards.

Make mid loft bed, nail drywall in place to cover all frames on walls and ceilings. Finish with common compound, sand and prepare to paint. Install insulation between studs on outer walls. Seat toilet seat and a bathroom vanity. Caulk relevant areas. Male all the walls and wood trim work. Use a prohibition saw or hand saw to cut the crown shape for ceiling areas. Attach the trim in place with a nail gun.