How To Paint Metal Loft Bed With Desk

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Metal loft bed with desk – It is important to know how to paint a metal frame from a bed and desk for when you want to change the colors of your bedroom, make repairs or simply renovate an old bed. With some basic tools, time left and patience, painting a bed is a task that any of us can do. There are two methods for painting the frame of a bed, one with spray and the other with a brush. Choose the option of spray painting if the metal loft bed with desk is in good condition if only a single coat of paint is needed, and if there are no embellishments with many details, such as some high relief design.

Find a good place to paint. It is necessary that the place is well ventilated, dry and with temperature between 7 ° C and 29 ° C. This place cannot have dust or insects. Children and animals should stay away from the bed until the paint dries. Find something that will support the painted parts until the paint is dry. You can use an easel, ladder or an old chair for this. You can also place a cloth on the wall and support the bed in it. Take the bed frame as far as possible. While working, pay attention to how you dismantled the metal loft bed with desk, so you can reassemble it the right way. Store the nuts and bolts in a small box.

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To paint metal loft bed with desk. Wash the loft bed parts with hot water, detergent, and then wipe dry. Pay attention to corners and crevices; make sure there is no dirt. Pass medium or fine sandpaper across the metal frame. All old paint must be sanded and rust must be completely removed. You may need thicker sandpaper or a steel brush for areas that are very rusty, but the finish should always be done with medium or fine sandpaper. You should remove any peeled paint but it is not necessary to remove all the paint.