How To Raise A Metal College Loft Beds

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College loft beds are often small, making it very difficult to fit all your belongings comfortably in your dorm, especially when you can have a roommate or two. Through lofting your metal college single bed, you can have plenty of room for your desk, a chair and even a mini fridge under your bed. Save space can improve your organizational skills and make an overall funeral campus life experience.


Determine how high you want to ceiling your metal bed. Make sure you have enough space between your mattress and the ceiling so that you can sit straight without touching your head.  Remove your mattress from the existing metal frame and set it aside. Remove the bottom set of the college loft beds from the frame. Since most rails tend to be extremely safe, you are likely to need a hammer to complete this task. Place the rails in a safe place, as you may need to return them when moving out of your dorm. Remove metal pins that hold your college loft beds at the current height and place them aside. Adjust your bed. Place the mattress back on the metal frame. Decorate and make your bed as desired.

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Tips and warnings

Have a friend or a parent help you with this task to make the process go much smoother. Before lofting your college bed, check with your college to make sure that lofted beds are acceptable in your dorm. Many colleges do not allow college loft beds for safety as well as a lack of space between your mattress and the ceiling.

Moving into a college dorm is an exciting time for both parents and their latest high school graduation. There are lots of things to plan for, and the last thing you want to worry about is bedding. Even picking out the right classes and finding ways to meet new people will be high priority, with real beds deliveries can make the transition much easier one. Here are some things to keep in mind about campus litter when taking the next step and working towards the college degree.

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