How to Save Space with Loft Bed Twin?

Dec 19th

Loft bed twin – The loft bed twin is an original design idea that suits any style and needs. No doubt, however, we must not underestimate its ability to create new space in smaller rooms, or in studios and small flats. But how to save space with the loft bed twin? The choices are many and made according to our furniture needs. For example, if we are in a studio, we can furnish the space underneath the bed deck, such as a home study, or a living room. Just a desk and a seat, to create a real office. In this case, if the structure of the twin loft bed is rested on one side to the wall, we can also make a shelving bookcase.

White Loft Bed Twin
White Loft Bed Twin

Arranging the space below, however, with armchairs, a sofa and a coffee table, we have created a living space. That is cozy and comfortable, without disturbing the sleeping area, which remains isolated, above the room. If, however, we want to create more space in our bedroom, we can take advantage of the space below the loft bed twin to create a comfortable closet or a decommissioning area. Loft bed twin may vary. Often depending on the model, the width of the walk-in area, the bed platform, and the brand that designed it. Surely, the best value for money is awarded by IKEA who, with its bunk beds, is able to approach any portfolio. For example, the previously mentioned IKEA STORÄ is sold at € 239.00.

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While the cheapest model, IKEA TROMSÖ, is on sale at € 164.00. Even Mondo Convenienza presents very interesting catalogs, despite the fact that the design is far more traditional. But all are sold at no more than 490.00 €. Among the most sought after brands, however, we can count the French of Espace Loggia, with Evolution and A couple models. The price, of these solutions, is significantly higher than the one estimated for IKEA or World Convenience, starting from € 2.000,00. An analogous discourse for the Cinius brand furniture in the Rising and Yen models, costing from 1,800.00 €. They are, however, highly customizable furnishings and the price can vary considerably in relation to the loft bed twin projects.