Ideas For Build A Studio Loft Bed

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Studio loft bed – Building a dormitory cot is a task that requires some joinery skill, but once completed, adds much space to your room. A cot is simply a regular bed with extended legs than lifting the bed 5 or 6 feet from the floor. If you’re not uncomfortable to sleep as high from the floor, it’s a great way to add space for a desk or comfortable chair in the room. Read on to learn how to build a dormitory cot.

Ideas for build a studio loft bed. Choose the size of your bed or in many cases your bed size has already been chosen and you will only build a frame that gives height to your old mattress. Cut four pieces for the frame of your bed. Do not forget to allow the thickness of the discs and then add another ¼ inch on each side to allow for moving the mattress.  Now put the frame together. Now you can make the slats. You need four slats. One goes at each end and the remaining two are evenly distributed among the other two members. Now, the slats between side bars stick the same way as before using ¼ inch wooden screws.

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Ideas for build a studio loft bed. Cut a 3/8 inch plywood board to go on top of the slits. There is no need to attach plywood just put it in place. Cut the legs on your bed. These are likely to be about six meters high. You can attach them directly to the sides of the frame so that the top of six feet high legs is level with the top edge of the bed frame.  Make braces for the legs.  Build a sideboard, especially if you are worried about rolling out of bed. Probably your bed will be against a wall, so you just need to build a towel.