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Solid wood loft bed – Not only is a loft bed leaking, it is an excellent utilization of space. Of all space in our homes and apartments, the height dimension is usually wasted. If you are in trouble with the floor surface, a cot can immediately give you a part of your floor. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to make the most basic of beds. You can add customization like protective rails and ladders and varnish to suit your taste. Measure your mattress. Your bed frame must be a bit bigger than the mattress. Add an inch to the length and width of your mattress.

Choose your solid wood loft bed. To make a cot you need a lot of wood. Most of the wood can be 2×4 anyway. You need some 2x2s and sheet wood for the mattress to rest. Overall, you will need 8 long 2x4s for bed services, four 2x6s for bed frame and at least five 2x2s for the mattress platform. If you want to add the protective rails so you do not fall out of bed, get a pair of extra 2x4s. Measure and create a chart. You can not fully choose your wood until you know all your dimensions.

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The most important question you must answer is how high from the ground do you want in solid wood loft bed? Your bed insert should be double that height so the weight of the bed is evenly distributed. Also, note how long 2x2s should be. To calculate this amount, take the length of the bed frame and subtract the width of services (which should be equal to 8 inches on each side of the frame). Saw your wood to match the image. You may not find the exact bit you want in stock, but you can always look down the wood to match your measurements. Most timber yards and home depot type stores may do this for you if you do not want to handle the saw.