Loft Bed Slide: First And Foremost, Security

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Loft bed slide – current circumstances of life often force us to reside in a smaller house than we would like and when there are no more options than sharing space, we less than test our wits. Optimize every inch of your home by placing a folding berth. It is not first time that we have come across a bed of this type, surely we have seen more than once this witty design in house of a family member or friend. A closet that hid a bed! In this bedroom Muebles Parchís gives a twist of a nut including a second bunk that is collected leaving a wide working area.

And following natural evolution … this bunk is solution to all our problems by gathering in a minimum space two beds and a desk, all of it convertible, so you can enjoy a spacious and free of furniture. Thanks to its hydraulic system in a single movement you can deploy both loft bed slide without having to pick up what you have on table. Fast and easy! We also propose that you hit stairs by placing some drawers for storage and …   voila, a practical and functional bedroom.

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We could say that train beds are version 2.0 of conventional bunk beds because they also save space and allow us to add storage areas such as cabinets, shelves, drawers or even have a trundle bed for unexpected visits.  This practical design allows organizing in just five square meters an L-shaped berth with a trundle bed and two different working areas. little ones of house will love their room as each one can have its own space leaving rest for play area. Do not forget that, when it comes to children’s loft bed slides, safety is most important thing of all. Bunk beds are a fun place where children can give free rein to their imagination during game, but it is still furniture in height so, when choosing a design, keep these tips in mind.