Loft Bed With Trundle Ideas

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Loft bed with trundle is an overtook furniture. On the other hand, can build a release of almost 35 square feet of floor space in your bedroom. The plans below are for a simple loft installation using cheap wood, but can be easily changed or extended for finer bedroom furniture.


Cut wood to the dimensions above loft bed with trundle. If you do not have a chainsaw or are new to cutting wood, you can usually have it done where you buy your wood. Sand and surface of plywood. You can sand the rest of the wood if you want, but a face must be sanded to avoid damage to the mattress. Drill four holes in two of your 80-inch beams, using Drill the same diameter as your bolts. Drill holes at center 15 and 30 inches from each end of the beam.

Mount a rectangle with two 80-inch beams and two 27-inch beams with the shorter beams on the inside of the longer beams. The beams should rest on their narrow (two inch) sides loft bed with trundle. Connect two-beam beams in each joint, screw through the side of the longer beam at the end of the shorter beam. Repeat steps 1 and 2 in this section to build a second rectangle. Place the two rectangles side by side, forming a larger rectangle, 60 inches by 80 inches. The two drilled beams should lie against each other in the center of the rectangle.

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Attach rectangular frames with a nut and bolt through all your drilled holes. Place the plywood slabs on top of the rectangle to completely cover the body. The long sides of the sheets should run perpendicular to the long sides of the loft bed with trundle. Screw the plywood into place with a screw in each corner of the frames (eight screws in total). Enhance plywood with a screw centered on each short side and two screws evenly distributed on each long side.