Lofted Bed For Kids And Adults

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Lofted Bed For Kids And Adults – The lofted bed is the most popular type of bed when it comes to people who want to save as much space as possible when decorating their bedrooms. Most often, the lofted bed style is incorporated into bedrooms occupied by kids, since kids enjoy the adventure of climbing up and down their bed and having a fun play area located underneath their cot. However, did you know that adults can also enjoy a lot of advantages when they opt to use a lofted bed style in their bedroom?

If you want your child or children to appreciate the lofted bed style you have installed for them in the bedroom, you have to make sure that you incorporate three things that children all love: ample storage space for their clothes and toys, a comfortable play area, and a sizable desk where they can easily do their homework or their creative art. One thing you can do is to build a ladder with a built-in cabinet behind it for clothes. Below the desk, add a few cabinets where they can store their toys. Install lighting below the bed so the child/children can work on homework with ease. Some parents also design a detachable play tent. During weekends, when there is no homework to do, parents can provide their kids with a fun play space decorated by a huge play tent attached on the frame of the lofted bed. No child can resist such an enjoyable bed space!

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Adults somewhat need the same things that kids do when they choose to buy a lofted bed style. They need extra workspace, a lot of storage space, and an area where they can relax by watching TV or playing Xbox games. To achieve this, build a lofted bed style with a sizable area underneath. Add a few shelves behind the ladder for storing books, gadgets, and other trinkets. Install a work table below where you can easily work on your laptop or sketches. Throw in a bean bag underneath the bed and enjoy a movie or an Xbox session while chilling out on weekends.