Lofted Twin Bed Design

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Lofted twin bed – In the days before gas and electric heating, canopy beds were something of a necessity. While folder draped fabric no longer may need to hold on the heat during cold winter evenings, they can still be appreciated for their decorative and aesthetic value. A loft bedside bed adds an aura of romance and femininity to a bedroom that is not always achieved by paint color alone. If you like the look of a loft bedside bed, consider building one and see how it can transform your bedroom. Measure the length and width of the bed using a tape measure to determine the exact center point and make a small pencil mark on the ceiling just above the center of the bed. This is where you will install your ceiling canopy.

Locate lofted twin bed closest pencil mark using a stud finder, and then screw the ceiling hook through the drywall in the attic. You can choose to pre drill a hole to the hook to reduce damage to the surrounding plasterboard. If no ceiling stud is close enough to the desired position of the hook, install a plasterboard anchor in the ceiling before turning the ceiling hook. Remove inner ring from a 10-inch wood embroidery hoop and screw the outer ring. You will use hoop to suspend canopy fabric over the bed.

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Drape a tape measure loosely from the ceiling hook on the floor next to the lofted twin bed. This is the measurement you will use to cut your canopy fabric. Add about 2 inches of length to accommodate inhibition. Cut at least two pieces of 48 or 54 inches wide fabric using the measurement you have just taken. If you just want a length of fabric draped on either side of the bed, cut two pieces. To build a canopy that encloses the entire bed, cut at least four pieces and sew them together on the sides to create a long piece of fabric. Home at the bottom and sides of the fabric using a 1/2 inch nail allowance. If you have chosen the 2-piece canopy look, home both sides of both pieces of fabric.