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Loft bed kits – Loft beds elevate your bed from the ground. Allowing you to make a desk or a second bed under it, saving space. These beds can be difficult to build on their own. Using a loft bed kits can help make the process simpler. That comes in a loft bed kits, there is no standard for a loft bed kit. Depending on the manufacturer you buy from, one can find one of the following: only hardware; hardware and plans; hardware, planes and timber or wood. The overwhelming majority of these kits assume that there will be supply, measurement and cut wood precisely to fit.

They only provide pieces of hardware specialty you may have difficulty finding yourself in a hardware store. For purchase that can help you build your bed on a weekend or two, there are several kits available. South Shore makes a complete loft bed kits that includes all the pieces you need to put together the bed. Including headboard, footboard, panels and ladder, as well as hardware and floor plans. The bed is available in white and cherry. And the height of the finished bed is about the level with the chest of an adult, making it a loft bed ideal for younger children.

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The bed is made of particle board. And to put together the kit, it is recommended that two adults work together. While NationalFurnishing.com sells a loft bed kits ready to put together. That includes everything you need, including lumber, hardware, and floor plans. The kits are available in double, full and Queen Widths. Regular, Extra Long (typical college size) and Dorm XXL length, plus two leg heights – 69- and 83-inches. The lumber is solid red spruce. And the finished frame has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. So, which one of the loft bed kits that will you choose?