Make Most Of Space Under King Size Loft Bed

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King size loft bed – are a classic option for those who only have one room available, (e.g. for people living in a studio apartment of quite small size) as they create a lot of extra space. The free space beneath these beds can be better utilized by storing different objects, such as a  walk-in closet; can also be used to locate a desk, a piece of furniture and receive a visit, such as a corner for art or even as a fun area to watch TV or play video games. With these types of beds you can maximize the space of any room, without wasting a cubic meter, interesting, do not you think? Let’s see what these tips are all about and be inspired to take the juice out of your bed!

Having a small apartment does not mean that you have to live crowded, crowded, with no right to be able to receive visitors and enjoy being in one area or the other. With this design of king size loft bed, this is all possible. With its design they managed to extend the small apartment much more, to turn it into an incredible area, with all the comforts, wide and well lit. Each area is very well distributed in such a way that it is possible to enjoy its benefits peacefully. This is undoubtedly an extraordinary idea if you want to turn it around and increase the value of property!

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In this case the king size loft bed is located at the top of the entrance door of the room, this way it takes advantage of the whole low area to receive a guest, to put or take large objects or even to walk more comfortably in your small apartment or room. As can be seen in the picture, the support pillars of the bed have a double function; on the one hand they serve as stairs to climb on the bed and on the other serve as bookshelf and closet.