Making Loft Bed For Teenager

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Loft bed for teenager is a quick way to increase the space in all bedrooms. Small rooms – like dorms – can be especially benefited because there is an area for a desk under the bed. Loft-style beds are better for teens because the risk of falling out of bed is significantly lower than with younger children. Building a cot is surprisingly easy and can be filled in in a couple of hours. You need to have a basic knowledge of tools, know how to read a tape measure, and know how to use and have access to a vehicle big enough to carry wood.


Create the frame of the loft bed for teenager by placing two of the longer boards parallel to each other with two of the shorter boards clamped between them at the top and bottom. Drill through the outside of the longer boards at the ends of the shorter boards with 3-4 screws in each corner. Attach plywood to the bottom of the frame with screws placed every 12 to 18 inches. This creates a box for the mattress to sit in with a 1 inch space around the bed linen bed. Line the boards in the same way as building the frame and using or screws to attach to each corner. This is the support frame. Drill the end of the loft bed for teenager and support frame to make pilot holes for wood screws. Drill two holes 2 inches apart and 2 inches from each corner.

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Align the holes in the support frame with those in the posts and insert the wooden screws through the frame and into the posts; the frame will be on the inside of the posts. Get someone to hold the frame upwards or support bricks to keep it at the level required until the bolts are inserted. Tighten the bolts. Place the loft bed for teenager between the posts and raise it until the holes in the frame align with them in the posts. Put the screws in the holes and tighten the screws. The bottom of the frame should be approximately in line with the 54-inch line on the 4-times-4 posts.