Making Modern Loft Bed

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Modern loft bed – A loft bed is a great space saver for a small bedroom or bedroom. In fact, it can double as a desk or closet. For younger children or college students, a loft bed is a great choice. The loft bed allows even added floor and storage space. Create a box outside the 2 by 6 by 8 boards. Make sure the box accommodates the size of the mattress; the box should be slightly larger. For a standard double room, the longer side should measure 78 inches, while the smaller side should measure 37 inches. Place the box and let the longer ends overlap the shorter ends. Screw with 3-inch screws. Cover the carton of heavy wood. Cut to fit and fasten at 2 ft intervals, with screws 1 5/8 inches. Sand the roughness until smooth. Your mattress will lie on top of the box. Flip the box and test how well the mattress fits.

Make modern loft bed, lay out the stalls and draw a line through the four. This is done to show where the bottom of your box will be placed. Leave enough space between the top of the mattress and the ceiling. Drill holes through the posts, as well as half the corresponding points in the box. Fasten the stud bolts to the carton using the lag. First, place the ones that will go up against the wall. Then lift the box. He has an assistant holding the box while screwing the last two posts.

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Use finished boards to place headers and footers. Alternate these along inside and outside the stalls to allow a built-in ladder. Give them space so you can run a long table against the wall and under the modern loft bed. Measure the appropriate height for a desk, if desired. Install a light on the wall. There will be plenty of space for a small office chair.