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Short loft bed – Building a bedroom loft bed is a task that requires some woodworking skill, but once completed you can add much needed space in your room. A loft bed is simply a normal bed with the legs extended from the feet of the bed 5 or 6 rises from the floor. If you are not uncomfortable to sleep that height of the floor, it is a great way to add space for a desk or a comfortable chair in your room. Read on to learn how to build a bedroom bed. Choose the size of your bed or in many cases the size of your bed has already been chosen and simply is building a frame that gives height to your old mattress.

Cut the four pieces for the frame of your short loft bed. Do not forget to allow the thickness of the joints and then add another ¼ inch on each side to allow movement of the mattress. For example, if you are making a bed for irregular size of 3 X 6, you will cut two pieces with a length of 6 and ½ inch. The extra half inch is to give a room of maneuver of quarter inch on each side. Now when you cut out the other two members you should also add the ½ inch for the margin of maneuver, plus you need to add another 3 inches to allow the thickness of the wood. Now cut your boards and make sure each cut is square.

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Make short loft bed, set the frame. You can use ¼ inch stud bolts that are 2 ½ inches long. It takes 12 to set the frame. Mark the face of the drill bit with a piece of masking tape to prevent the speed drill bit from getting too deep into the wood. Once the tape sticks the wood then it is time to stop the drilling. Then drill a pilot hole for each interval. Drive the bolts with an electric gun or ratchet wrench.

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