Making Wood Twin Loft Bed

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Wood twin loft bed is a double bed raised from the ground, thus releasing the area below it in open, useful space. Twin loft beds come in several styles, and have become increasingly popular for use in college dorms and bedrooms where space is cramped. A popular model of a double loft bed has a built-in student desk one end, one stack of drawers on the other while the area under the bed itself serves as an open-air closet. Other models may include one or more of these features.

Access to wood twin loft bed mattress is achieved by using a ladder, as in a traditional bunk bed. The ladder, typically made of the same material as the rest of the bed frame, can be end-mounted or side-mounted according to the owner’s space consideration. The ladder can also be a built-in element at one or both ends, which is a very popular design for collegiate room ceilings. With the ladder an integral part of the bed and not a separate component, there is so much less to disassemble, pack and move when it’s time to leave the room.

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Although wood twin loft bed are hardest advertised as a place for children, teens, and university students that someone in a roommate situation or with a need to recycle space can take advantage of one of these beds. For children, the space below can be used for storage toys or play rooms. The double loft bed with storage drawers and built-in desk is perfect for high school and college students. Even without the addition of storage drawers or a desk, the valuable space under a double loft bed can be put to good use. With a little imagination, the space can be transformed into a reading area with an armchair, table and lamp, or even a small lounge area with a chair and TV.