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Full Size Loft Bed With Stairs – The construction of a ladder of a bunk or loft is essential for anyone who sleeps in bed to be able to climb to it easily. The ladder should be of solid construction and sturdy enough against the bunk bed or in the own loft bed frame that there is no chance of it falling or collapsing when someone is climbing in or out of it at any time. Most of these scales can be built with limited knowledge building or tools. The ladder should be made of a sturdy type of wood such as pine, redwood or cedar, depending on how much you want to invest in your materials.

Before buying materials to build the ladder, measure the distance from the full size loft bed with stairs frame high to the low with a slight tilt, reflecting how the bed will sit between the frame and the floor. Next buy two pieces of wooden beams that are of that length, preferably the narrowest the best (a 1×1 beam is probably sufficient). Next, buy the slats, they all must have the same length and distance between the two stair beams. Once the stair is constructing and finishing, hooks can be add to the top of the stairs that will rest against the frame of the bunk or in the loft of the bed to make it safer for the one who is climbing through it.

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These hooks can be found and purchased cheaply in a hardware store, as long as you have measured the width of the edge of the full size loft bed with stairs frame, where it will connect, along with the tops of the beams of the same staircase. Once the ladder is constructed, sand all the wood on the ladder to ensure there are no splinters and the steps of the ladder and beams are smooth. Remember, the one who will use this scale will usually be bouncing on her barefoot and in pajamas, so splinters are not something they should have to worry about.

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