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Jr loft bed – As you raise bed to an attic you gain all space under bed for other things. They can use that space for many other things like an office, bathroom, a bookstore or a large closet. You can better limit light to rest. To sleep well you have to sleep in darkness. Many of us are up before dawn but there are also Sundays, so for day that you want to rest more than normal, it is not necessary for sun to give you good morning and get you out of bed. In a loft, being higher and having a smaller cabin, light comes with more difficulty and if source of light is more direct, put some curtains very thick by where light comes and we already have a Sunday with happy awakening in our loft.

Do not you think that these reasons are sufficient to consider having a jr loft bed? I leave a few stories of altillos to see how cool they are and imagine how it has to be wake up every day in one of those. Obviously lofts have their drawbacks, such as having to go up and down stairs to go to bathroom in middle of night. That is something that must be taken into account depending on how you are each of you. height of house is also an inconvenience.

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Obviously this type of loft can only have lucky ones that have high ceiling houses but as you have seen, it is not necessary to have a jr loft bed of dream to have a nice loft. In fact, it’s a super good solution for small apartments that have high ceilings like I’ve taught you over and over again. I hope you liked post today and agree with me that sleeping in a loft has to be very cool in addition to providing solutions in our house that are very to be taken into account. Have a good Wednesday.

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