Platform Loft Bed Plans

Nov 24th

Platform loft bed – Bed loft building for you or your child is a project, as well as a practical one in saving space. However, when reviewing plans loft bed is not only important that you follow the instructions carefully, but also practice some important safety guidelines. Because this kind of bed is built high off the ground it may be in a precarious position, so it is important to be careful with this project. It is very important that when sleeping loft plan to measure your space carefully. Because each room of different sizes, as well as the height of the person using the bed you want to make sure that you measure your height above the bed and under the bed just right. You want enough room under the ceiling for people to get out of bed without hitting their heads and plenty of space underneath it, so that there is enough space to get around safely below. I recommend really recessing platform mattress to get more space above the bed.

Raised Platform Loft Bed
Raised Platform Loft Bed

Build stairs to platform loft bed is the most important part of the project. The scale must be pieced together with thick hardwoods rugged and risers must be evenly spaced. The Summit of the stairs certainly can be measured after the bridge in place, so that the correct number of risers of stairs are used and the two pieces fit wooden upright to the bottom of the bed. Depending on the type of bed that you are building the bridge stairs, it can also act as additional support for sleep. As a general rule of stairs should be about 8 inches out, but that can vary. As a rung spacing evenly, then the scale will be considered safe. Loft beds are commonly designed and built with kids in mind. But keep in mind that the federal guidelines recommended that the top bunk or loft bed will be used only for children six years of age or older.

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Consider a night light near the stairs where the child should wake up in the middle of the night and of course, it is important to teach children that cannot climb out of platform loft bed in any way other than stairs. Safety tips to remember when sleep project development plan with directions from the attic. Bed type is fun to build and is a creative way to find more space in the room. It is very important to follow safety precautions carefully with any woodworking project, but especially when building a raised bed so high off the ground and can be potentially dangerous if not built or used with the right path.