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Twin loft bed could save floor space in a room. Although a little less widespread than a traditional twin loft, they are still easy to build, often in a single afternoon. If your children are old enough to have a twin loft bed, then they will be old enough to participate in the building of it. Help can give them a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for furniture, and can be a great introduction to a world of DIY. Prepare lumber to build twin loft bed Cut your timber to the pre-measured dimensions. If you do not have a chainsaw, most timber yards will cut timber for you cheaply. Sand all faces in your tree to prevent splinters. If you want to paint or flatten the bed, do it now. Painting bed will add a day to the time for this project, as you should let it dry overnight.

Build a twin loft bed. Lay the mattress frame on end, positioned so that you can access the beam side and the flat side. Set one of your 60-inch positions in a corner of the frame, located at the angle formed by beams. Screw it into place with four screws, put in a square and drill through the plywood at the end of the post. The other three beams put a bar in each corner of the frame. Attach a 72-inch plank to connect bearing posts on one long side of the frame. Set the planks so that the top edge is a foot below the bottom edge of the beam. Finish the plank to posts with four screws per post, located in a square and drilled through the plank into the post.

Then to build twin loft bed. Put the other 72-inch plank opposite the first, screw into place with four screws per post. Connect two positions at one short end of the frame with 36-inch planks. Put in place so that the top of the shelf flies with the bottom of the 72-inch planks. Screw it into place with four screws per post. Add another 36-inch plank directly opposite the first plank, screw into place with four screws per post and the other short end of the frame using the remaining two 36-inch planks.