Princess Castle Loft Bed Design

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Princess castle loft bed – Loft beds are functional sleeping arrangements and perfect launch points for imaginative play. These high places with built-in stairs work like castles and forts of children. It is easy to promote this type of creative intelligence-building game by adapting a standard loft design to reflect one of those themes. Building a loft castle bed for a princess is simply a matter of incorporating towers, gray paint and a hint of pink or purple paint. Stack two 1 by 3 boards 1/2-in-60 inches above the other. Screw with 2 inch wood screws. Space the screws every 12 inches. Repeat the procedure to make four positions.

Put two of these assemblies parallel to each other on the work surface. Set a 1 by 3 by 36-inch board on both posts, approximately 6 inches down from the end that will be the top of the posts. Adjust the spacing of the posts so that their outer sides are even with the ends of this board, which is a support table. Screw four inches 2 wood screws down through the support plate and into each post. Repeat with the other support plate that is 2 feet from the same end of the posts. Repeat this process with two additional entrances and two additional support plates to complete the two ends of the princess castle loft bed.

Settings of the two ends with wizards holding each end of the loft bed and the backing plates facing each other. Place a 1 per-1 by 83-inch table at the ends of two beds, level with the top support board at each end of the princess castle loft bed. Screw the long board on each end of the bed using four 2 inch wood screws. Drill two holes through the long board and at each end of the support board. Set 2 inch screws into the holes and tighten securely. Repeat with the other 1 by 3 by 83-inch board on the other side of the bed. Attach another 1 by 3 by 83-inch gasket over each length of the board, as high as it can be installed, to serve as guard rails. Remove these plates if the child does not need guard rails. Remove the front panel of the turret, thus eliminating the front guard rail.

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