Rustic Wooden Loft Bed

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Wooden loft bed – Creating a loft bed with a rustic look can add style to a theme room such as a beach room, western theme or a cultural theme such as Native American or Mexican styles of decor. Before you buy any material, take measurements of the room. Consider if you want your cot to accommodate a bed beneath, or just additional storage bins. This will affect what additional materials you need to buy. When looking for material for your bed, consider using medium-sized logs with the bark removed rather than the standard 4 of 4 posts. Of course, the logs can be smaller or larger in size, depending on personal preferences. You can also color the logs some shades of brown, but you must use a clear coat for all the wood if you want your wood to be completely protected.

If you’re not fond of using logs to complete your wooden loft bed rustic look, you can also consider using an aging technique on the wood. For example, you can create a ‘destroyed’ look by hammering wood, apply superficial cuts and scars to the surface and follow up with bets for a rustic, older look. There are also many smaller details that you can add, such as big, heavy looking bolts, clothing nub or other items that are themed or tasting specific. When building the frame, you must leave at least one inch on all sides to allow the mattress to fit into the frame. You can also choose to use either solid plywood boards to support the mattress or you can use several thick wood slats, such as 2 of 4s for support.

You must avoid using the nails. Use high quality screws that can penetrate into the wood and stay in place. Nails can bend, break or slide in the wood over time, which can all be dangerous when the bed is in use. The bearings can be attached to the frame from below and secured to the site using large screws or bolts. Larger logs will provide better support for the frame while adding an overall rustic appeal to the furniture. You can also consider dividing up smaller logs and attaching them to the frame, giving a more uniform look to the wooden loft bed. Nails can be used for this particular part because they do not support the bed in any way but are for decorative purposes only.