Smart Stair Loft Bed That Save Space In The Children’s Room

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Stair loft bed – Built in desks, wardrobes and even guest beds are smart in children’s rooms, therefore, they do not have to be huge but functional and changeable. If the square meters are few and the children are many, it’s a good idea to go for a space saving bed for the children’s room. Bunk beds are an obvious option, especially if more children have to sleep in the same room, but may also be a good idea if your child often has overnight friends. There are models for any wallet. It can also be something that the few bunk beds can be folded up by the wall when not in use, so it almost does not fill.

A bunk bed designed as a fire truck for children with hot dreams of a career as a firefighter. Many great details like blue flashes on the roof, side mirror and steering wheel. The bed comes with integrated LED lights that can be operated with an on / off button. The bed can carry 100 kg, so parents can also play with. A stair loft bed with various built in features is another option that saves floor space. Many models have built in desks, some also have wardrobes and others have guest beds that can be pulled out if the children have friends to stay overnight.

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Some bunk beds / high beds are equipped with ladders, while others have stairs that make it easier to climb the bed, but these usually also take up more space. On the other hand, there are often built in storage spaces in these stairs. For many bunk beds and stair loft bed, different accessories, such as slides, lighting, drawers, shelves and curtains, can be purchased. The latter are genius to create a caveat while ensuring a little privacy. If you have low ceilings, an alternative to a bunk bed can be a bunk with a built in pull out bed. Briquettes with storage space in the form of drawers and shelves are also very suitable for children’s rooms with little space. The drawers are ready for storage of bedding or toys.