Special Full Size Metal Loft Bed

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Full size metal loft bed- it’s very functional and economic, perfect for living and working. Below we analyze in more detail their decoration. This loft is a pretty open space that has lots of light. The floor below has been divided into a work area and a room, using a special piece, furniture that makes the storage functions on one side, and headboard on the other. In addition, it hides a glass that can be raised to the ceiling to completely separate both areas. Several workstations have been placed against one of the walls, and an extendable central table with a double function: work table and dining table.

In addition to the glass embedded in the headboard cabinet, a blind has been placed to further separate both spaces and increase the privacy of the bedroom. At the time of decorating this house had a limited budget, so we resorted to several very economical solutions such as the full size metal loft bed in this room, placed on four industrial pallets as a tatami bed. It is on the top floor, very separate from the work area. Shelf-shaped modules have been placed on the wall to place books and other objects. In addition, in this piece, has been included a special module in the form of a table that serves as a consultation area. In this room also has sought to save the decoration, and has created a coffee table with two pallets and industrial wheels.

On the sides of it are two sofas facing each other, and behind a viewpoint to control the work area. For the bathroom have chosen very natural materials like wood, imitation of slate … The tile is white to follow the line of the rest of the house.  Originally it was a small studio and the size has been preserved. It is very simple following the general lines, a full size metal loft bed on four pallets, oak wood, white on the walls and the wardrobe.

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