Storage Loft Bed Design Ideas

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Storage loft bed – Teenagers are famous for having messy rooms. For the niche-challenged teen, look for daily storage solutions that suit his personality and add a decorative punch to his room. With the right combination of a good layout, furniture that performs double duty and loads of storage space, you can create a teen room design that is both functional and inviting. Storage loft bed liberates the entire floor space. This again results in capacity for more storage space. Fill the area under the loft bed with shelves, desk and a chest of drawers. Bunk beds are another option that allows for a lot of storage in a teen room. Configuration of a bunk bed in an “L” shape to allow placement of a table or bookshelf under the high bed. Plastic containers with wheels on the bottom are good for stow under the bed as well.

Build storage loft bed design ideas, find your location. You will need a corner that is clear four feet in one direction and eight feet in another. You will need to find at least three studs in each wall for the bed to attach. Mark these studs of course in the wall and paint them later. You will need to see them easily. Determine how much you want the bed to be, and draw a line all the way around the corner of that level, making it true, or flat, with your level.

Then to make storage loft bed ideas. Make the bed. Measure the mattress you intend to build the bed for and then build the frame out of 2x4s. Attach them to the corners with a wooden screw, forming a box frame. Then cut small triangles out of 1x6s and use these to reinforce the corners by attaching them to the undersides. Then place 1x6s on the underside of the bed frame as an ostrich to hold the mattress in place. Build your ladder and storage. Attach the bed to the wall. With your partner support bed frame, place it against the line marked on the wall.