The Best Kids Loft Bunk Beds

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Kids loft bunk beds – Children spend a lot of their lives sleeping, far more than adults. Children in particular spend up to 18 hours each day sleeping. For this reason, the beds they sleep on are important. The type of mattress you choose can affect your child’s comfort and safety as well as your own peace of mind. You should factor practical considerations like cost and length use in your bed purchase decision when deciding which the best bed is for your child.

Best Cribs

The best kids loft bunk beds are the ones that suit your budget, are well-made and safe. All crib mattresses are required by law to be 27-1 / 4-inches with 51-5 / 8-inches and are no more than six inches thick. “Consumer Reports” advises to buy a crib mattress with a high coil count, low steel meter level and a coil fiber wrap pad and foam or cotton damping layer. A vinyl closet for the mattress should help extend its life span by bed wetting incidents and games usually as your child grows.

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Look for a stable crib frame. If there is a convertible bed, one that can be converted into a kids loft bunk beds and eventually a single bed, make sure you research the model in advance to see if any recalls have been made on the bed in the last year. Some convertible cribs or cribs with retractable sides can pose a threat to safety for children who can get an arm caught and injured in the moving parts.

Best Toddler Beds

When the children move out of childhood, the risk of sudden infant death is over and with the need for a high-coil count mattress. A good kids loft bunk beds is low on the ground and has rails that are two inches above the upper surface of the mattress. Beds come in models with permanent rails on both sides of the mattress, one rail on one side and removable rails that you can pop up at night and fold down when not in use.