Twin Loft Bed Frame Plan

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Twin loft bed frame provides you with a double bed on top of a double or queen size bed underneath. Although many styles are available, mission-style wooden frames are usually purchased for sturdy structure and simple design. This type of berth is not difficult to assemble, but having an assistant can perform a faster assembly. Most manufacturers offer you everything you need to assemble your bunk, including bolts, battens and rails. Mattresses are usually not included, but the retailer can recommend the appropriate size when you purchase your bed.

Insert the cylindrical nuts provided with their twin loft bed frame into the mounting holes at both ends of each side rail. You must have a total of four rails and 16 cylindrical nuts, which are small cylinders. Some berths have these already in the holes, so if you did not receive the threaded sleeves with your litter check the holes in the rails. Fit the headboard against a wall and position the side rails by inserting two of the screws provided through the headboard and into the rails on each side. Tighten the screws with an Allen wrench.

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Connect the other end of the rails to the stirrup by inserting two screws through the holes on each side of the stirrup and the rail and tighten with the Allen wrench. Align the center bracket on the full bed frame so that the mounting holes align with those in the center of the headboard and foot. Insert the supplied screws with your twin loft bed frame and tighten with an Allen wrench. Place the complete bed frame mounted on the location you have selected for bed, bed head orientation and foot appropriately. Align the two remaining side rails so that the holes at the end are aligned with the holes in the header of the double bed. Insert two screws through the head of the double bed and into the rails, and tighten. Insert two screws through the floor plate and into the rails at the opposite end, and tighten.