Twin Loft Bed With Slide

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Twin loft bed with slide attached, you allow your toddler to have some additional fun with their bed. Rather than having a ladder, the slide is used to get the top bunk sleeper on and off the bed. There are many different kinds of loft beds with attached slides but before choosing which one you get, you should measure the height of the room you are placing it in. Measure the space from the floor to the ceiling as well as the potential width you have for the bed.

Junior twin loft bed with slide one option is a low kid’s bed with a slide attached which you can see in the image to the left. This is a more traditional option where the bed has the slide, a stair option, and a bed rail to ensure your child does not fall out while sleeping. You can also use the space underneath for storage. This is an exciting bed for a child to have as they can find ways to play with it using the slide.

Twin loft bed with slide for boys, you can take it a step further than the loft bed and slide by getting a themed loft bed. In the example to the left, the loft bed is castle themed. So in addition to the slide, there are other elements that portray a castle theme. If this works with your current room set up, the themed loft bed serves as a sleeping area but also a new toy to play with. Loft bed for girls loft bed for girls, a loft bed with a slide attached that is specifically for a girl will have a female related theme with it. Often the color is white, pink or purple. Another theme that has emerged for girls bedrooms is a princess theme.

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