Using a Queen Loft Bed

Nov 20th

Queen loft bed – A third of our life is spent in bed. Something as important as sleep disturbances are not just a question of quantity but also of quality. That’s why; we give you 7 tips to choose a good queen bed: Do not skimp on buying a good mattress, a good base and a good pillow. To the mattress, it is advisable to change it every 10 years. Take into account the point elasticity of the mattress: the base must yield without excess under the heavier parts of the body shoulders and pelvis, while offering a firm support for less heavy areas.

Adult Queen Loft Bed
Adult Queen Loft Bed

A new mattress on an old base or of bad quality is damaged before; it is advisable to renew the whole rest equipment. A good mattress supports the entire spine when lying on your back. Latex mattresses, more expensive and durable, contain millions of small holes that allow the body to transpire. They are also hypoallergenic. The ideal thickness of the mattress is at least 15 centimeters; the length, 10 centimeters more than the height of who will sleep in it and the minimum recommended width, 80 centimeters for a single queen loft bed and 135 centimeters for a double.

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The base or canopy of queen loft bed should be firm and even. It opts for a rigid or semi rigid lamina, with free spaces that allow good ventilation. The pillow should fit the volume of our head, the length of the neck and the width of the shoulders. If you usually sleep on your back, the pillow should be low and soft, to ensure that the cervical spine forms the same angle with the spinal column as when standing. If the preferred sleeping posture is sideways, the pillow should be high and hard, to keep the neck on the dorsal spine axis making sure it does not fall or rotate.