Varied And Striking Loft Storage Bed

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Loft storage bed – For those of you thinking of redesigning your bedroom, we recommend that you ask these questions before you start: how much space do I have? What furniture is essential? Probably the bed is the piece that most space will occupy in floor. That is why many designers are beginning to consider lifting them in order to release that floor space. Perhaps it is most appropriate for loft style homes, where high ceilings allow an intermediate level. It is also an interesting solution for children’s rooms, where a bunk bed is the perfect strategy for shared dorms.

In storage, we know that it is always difficult to have everything we need. Not only clothes, we also need to find a space to store our shoes, bags and belts, clocks and other objects that form this endless list.  Unfortunately, many of us live in apartments or houses built before the built-in loft storage bed became commonplace and then indispensable. If this is our case, we will need independent pieces, cabinets or chests of drawers, which store our objects, garments and accessories in the most practical way possible.

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These beautiful wood loft storage bed drawer fit perfectly into any rustic style home, adding a bit of charm to the new world of interior design saturated with modern mass-produced furniture not manufactured to last. Investing in pieces like these will ensure a timeless decoration and, in addition, we will save money in the long term thanks to buying quality pieces. From a sustainable point of view, we will also be helping the environment by not having to replace our furniture so often. The best part of this type of storage is that once you get tired of your color, we can sand them and paint them of a new one. They can paint and sanding again without spoiling them.