Very Practical Loft Bed Shelf

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Loft bed shelf – By custom, more than by definition, bunk beds have always been associated with the rooms of the smallest of the house, where several children have to share room and we do not want to see reduced playground or study area. The designs of this type of furniture have evolved a lot in the last years to adapt to all spaces and all needs, however this option can be very practical also in other contexts. So far we may not have gotten surprising, we have been using the bunk beds in this regard, but wait to see the designs that we present to you.

Stop relegating this practical structure for children’s bedrooms, loft bed shelf  can be very recurrent occupying the same space as a conventional bed, in addition the most innovative designs are put at your service to follow the latest trends in interior design. The beds in height do not cease to surprise us, they are the correct choice to adapt to the modern life. This beautiful design in pastel colors is part of a holiday home with only two rooms that can accommodate up to six people. How do you get there? We tell you.

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The key lies in the image bedroom that takes advantage of the height of the ceilings to create a duplex with double bed, while the space below hides a sofa bed. Our next proposal will not leave anyone indifferent. Designed to dress a youthful loft bed shelf, this litter of minimalist lines and avant-garde design offers ample space for rest, which eliminates by a stroke one of the possible drawbacks of this type of furniture. You will forget that you are sleeping in a bunk. Basoa Decoración tries to compensate for these simple lines with a practical staircase made up of drawers to store books, bedding or shoes. It’s up to you!