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Ikea low loft bed – A mezzanine is an in-floor, a space in middle of height where, if things are wrong, you can hit head all time or fall off stairs if you’ve had a few more drinks … But since you are one of those people who do right thing, designing and building a loft will be a good experience. You will have a very warm space, fun and you can give infinite uses! first condition to be able to design and build a loft is that we need to have a minimum height that allows us to have a use on ground floor and be able to enable this “in-floor”.

If you are thinking about designing your house and having a loft style (with few walls and great heights) including a mezzanine is my advisable in how many you can optimize space without losing open character of your house. Thinking your house as a volume will allow you to project and observe if it is possible to design and build an ikea low loft bed. An entre-floor to which you can give use that you want: to locate a bed, play room for children, work place, a cellar, etc. If you want to circulate comfortably both on ground floor in attic, height of total space should be at least about 4.5 m.

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But remember that there are roofs of sloping angles. In this case it would be advisable to place areas of circulation or arrival of stairs in upper part, and in lower areas (less slope of roof) to locate specially adapted furniture. A good idea is to design and build a loft over bathrooms or kitchens, as these rooms can work very well with a height of 2m. If you think of an ikea low loft bed only as a sleeping area you can get to solve with 1.5m. And if you place it on a bathroom or kitchen we are talking about a total height of 3.7m (considering 0.2m for mezzanine).