Wooden Loft Bed With Desk Style

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Wooden loft bed with desk – Placing a desk in the open space under a sleeping loft bed creates a dedicated homework space inside your child’s room, while the rest of the room is open for play and entertaining friends. The remaining space can accommodate a chair, some shelves or a pillow for overnight guests. Set an afternoon for this project, plus overnight for the color to dry.

Wooden loft bed with desk style. Set 75-inch beams and 36-inch beams in a rectangular frame. Arrange them so the ends of shorter beams meet the insides of the longer beams. Attach with two wooden screws in each corner. Place larger plywood board on top of the rectangular frame. Screw in place with a wooden screw per corner, drilled through plywood and in the edges of the beams. Place a post in a corner of the rectangular frame so its holes align with the holes in the beam. Attached by driving two carriage bolts through the holes, and then tighten. Three times to mount the other three posts in the remaining three corners. Set a 50-inch plank so that it connects two posts on one short end of the bed, set 36 inches above the floor. Attach it with four wooden screws by mail. Repeat to attach the other shelf to the opposite end.

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Ideas for make wooden loft bed with desk. Add desk, place the remaining four services in a rectangle that you did when constructing the bed frame. Connect the corners with two wooden screws each. Place the smaller plywood board on top of the frame. Connect with a wooden screw in each corner. Place a short post at the angle formed by the beams in the rectangular frame. Screw it into place with four wooden screw drives through plywood and into the end of the beams. Reinforce with a wooden screw driven through the front of each beam and into the side of the beam. Three times to mount remaining services in the remaining corners of the desktop.